How to Auto Share Instagram Post on Other Social Media Platforms?

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Promoting your post on social media platform is a great way to creating an engaging content to improve your niche. Sharing your posts on suitable social media platforms can expressively enhance visitors to your post. This will help you to improve overall search ranking.

But always keep in mind one thing; you must be active on social media for your content to be found, no matter what topic it is. You can share little bit different things with your audience, but presence on social media platform has mattered a lot. That’s why it is important to publish your posts to your own social network every time you add a new content to your site.

But worse luck, not each and every businessmen and business owner have the time in the world to promote their new posts to other social media platform one by one.

Instagram has announced a major new update that will let you post galleries of images and videos in one single post. Have you ever fought with posting instagram photos and videos on other social media platforms?

Sharing videos and images are important to keep the customers engaged. However, it can be overwhelming to have to do it separately on other social media platforms.

This article will help you to learn simple steps how to share an instagram post on other media platform and enable auto post, so, don’t worry, here is the best solution of this problem.

Step by step guidelines – share instagram to other social media platform

When you have a video or image to share on instagram, you will have to opt to turn sharing for each of the social media network (like twitter, Flickr and Facebook etc.) you want to share to. To do this follow these steps:

Step 1: Access your instagram account using a mobile devices (use android and iPhone, in android tap on three vertical dots ( ) and in iPhone tap ( ) in the right corner )

Step 2: You will then see “Linked Accounts” tap on that.

Step 3: In that section you are capable to activate cross-posting for different social media platforms such as Tumblr, twitter, Facebook etc.

Step 4: Select the platform on which you want to share your instagram posts.

Advantages of linking instagram to other social media networks

Increase engagement on your other social platform with the help of your Instagram account

Cross-posting will allow you to bring some part of that engagement to your post. It will help to increase engagement on your post with the help of your Instagram account.


Productivity is another advantage of having the accounts linked. You can save your precious time and you have more time to do other things like create more quality content, create HD quality video etc.

Linking accounts will helpful to increase your search engine ranking. I hope you this blog gives the answer of all question that in your mind related Instagram post.

You can also gain the profit in your business by sharing your business on social media platform. For more information you can keep reading our upcoming articles and increase your knowledge too.

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