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With Facebook rolling out features like auto play, posting videos on social networking websites is becoming a sensation for engaging more users. According to an estimate by Cisco, by 2017, the video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic that means video marketing is the latest trend that is sweeping the digital world off its feet. Videos are the most suitable content for attracting a large number of people. Many software and apps are available today which can be used to shoot and edit videos easily thus plummeting the production cost. Two of the leading social networking sites Facebook and Instagram are leading in video posts. A video post is a success if it has a large number of views. There are many service providers which provide the service of buying views on video posts. The internet has become a plethora of such service providers. On our website, we host reviews of the portals and the apps which provide this service. Our detailed reviews can help you selecting the best in class service provider offering maximum features at a reasonable price.

There are options available to buy Facebook video views and Instagram video views. It is technically not possible to visit each and every website providing video views and compare them, so we provide a solution here. We review such websites and give them rating accordingly. Not only we review the service providers but our users can also share their experiences with us by writing their own reviews on our website. You can choose from the top service providers to enjoy the best in class services at affordable prices. Videos views can directly affect the number of sales of your product as more the views more are the chances of someone buying it. For example, a brand has its page on Facebook and it posts a video post describing their much-anticipated product then the number of views on the video can be used to get an estimation of the success of video marketing strategy. To get more Facebook video views, one can find many service providers which provide a package of video views. Similarly, you can also get more Instagram video views through such service providers and can read reviews to buy Instagram video views from trusted sources.

How do Instagram Video Views, Facebook Video Views and Posts can help?

Video marketing is one of the clear and basic ways to interact with your costumers while informing them about your products visually. A well-executed video marketing strategy can result in the jump of your potential customers. Video posts can help in the growth of your business in the following ways:

  • Increased Interaction with the Consumers
  • Videos can be used as a medium to interact with your consumers. Adding short and informative video clips to your social media accounts helps you in becoming recognizable among your customers. It sets you apart from your competitors thus giving your brand an added advantage. Videos can have a much stronger impact on the users than well-written content. You can easily break down complex ideas and information that you want your users to understand.

  • Generating brand awareness
  • By posting videos about your company and your products, you can generate a sense of brand awareness among the viewers. Video teasers can become the face of your organization. You can portray your products in an exciting way on social networking websites like Facebook through videos to get more Facebook video views.

  • More effective search engine optimization
  • Search engine ranks the content according to the user engagement. If your video post engages a large number of users on Instagram then it is possible that the hashtag that you’ve used under your video may be ranked first in the trending topics. You can also buy Instagram video views to increase the engagement. Videos are easy to search and videos have 41% higher click through rates from search results.

  • Better chances of conversion
  • Users spend a lot of time watching videos. The more viewers you have more are the chances of having conversions. There is also an option to buy views according to the geographic location so as to maintain the relevance factor of the video. If you want to target the audience of a single country then you can do so buying the customized views.

How do We Rate Instagram & Facebook Video Views Service Providers?

We have reviewed over 100 service providers which can be used to buy Facebook video views as well as Instagram video views. We have our set parameters on the basis of which we review and rate service providers. Our parameters are:

  • Genuine video views
  • It is important to have natural and real views on the videos rather than spams. Spam views can be easily identified and thus it is not safe to buy spam views. We only recommend the service providers that provide genuine video views.

  • Retention time
  • Retention time is the time period for which a user watches a video. It is possible for Facebook users to see the retention time of various other viewers. Videos with high retention rates become viral videos hence, our reviews describe whether the service provider has high retention viewers or not.

  • Customer support
  • Customer support is an important parameter while reviewing service providers hence we rank the service provider on the basis of the quality of customer service provided by them.

  • Cost Effective services
  • You can choose the most economically profitable service provider through our reviews.

Video marketing strategy can only be beneficial if video posts have a large number of views. Also, this large number of views attracts other users to watch the video thus making the video viral. Instagram videos have become extremely important marketing strategies for some companies who want to leverage the benefits of the social networking website. Many upcoming models and celebrities also buy Instagram video views to give a momentum to their IG profile. You can also send short videos as Direct Message to anyone to get more Instagram video views.